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In the Fall of 2017, I collaborated with Transmigrant Flow (a Beijing-based feminist arts collective) in producing Meridian. This multi-faceted live event explored how women challenge, evade, and embrace the passing of time in their lives. The project sought to convey the diverse experiences of being a woman and uncover hidden narratives and truths that women aren't often allowed to talk about in public. 


Meridian centered around the self-penned submissions and photographic portraits of a diverse group of 27 women. While participants varied in nationality, race, age, and sexuality, all resided in Beijing, China at the time of the project. Each woman was asked to write about her relationship with time, either in prose, poetry, or a hybrid of the two. Submissions varied immensely in tone, length, and subject matter. Some women felt crushed by the passing of time while others felt emboldened by it.


I worked hand-in-hand with each participant to create a photoshoot concept that reflected the themes conveyed in their written piece. Ultimately, each participant had the final say in which portrait was displayed alongside her written piece at the event. Meridian was held at 27 Yard, an indoor-outdoor gallery space converted from a hutong (a traditional Chinese courtyard house). Featured at the event were live sculpture, painting, and a performance by a Mongolian vocalist. It was a crisp, sunny, and utterly perfect Autumn day in Beijing.  



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