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Babushkas of Bishkek

The government of Kyrgyzstan offers little in the way of a social security net. Thus elderly care is a responsibility often shouldered by families. Yet many elderly folks lack even this most basic support system as young Kyrgyz citizens flock to Russia for better employment opportunities. Thankfully, NGOs like Babushka Adoption strive to provide social and financial support to this vulnerable segment of society. Operating in Bishkek and Batken, Kyrgyzstan's least developed region, Babushka Adoption makes a meaningful impact on the lives of hundreds of the country's most needy citizens by matching them with foreign donors whose sponsorship helps beneficiaries live more comfortable, socially rich lives. Volunteering with Babushka Adoption, I wrote and edited fundraising materials as well as photographed many of the charity's beneficiaries in their homes and at organized events. The following are among my favorite images captured while with Babushka Adoption. For more information,  or if you'd like to support the organization, visit their website here

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